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About Me

Designer. Thinker. Problem-Solver.


I am a Designer and Creative Leader. What started with Interior Design took an unexpected turn into Retail Design. I’ve found that retail is really just an enormous puzzle to be solved and who doesn't love puzzles? The best results come from strategic planning, bringing together all the bits and pieces of product design, development, marketing, and presentation to culminate in a cohesive brand experience. This creative process is what really makes my heart race.

I'm looking for the next stop where I can work as part of a creative team that strives to push the boundaries and develop unique solutions in the marketplace.


I’m the lucky mama of 3 quasi-adults, living in Logan, UT.  I intend on developing some hobbies when time allows (i.e. kids are fully adult). For now, I relax with a good book. 


In The Media

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