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Product Design

Designing product is essentially problem solving. I believe every design decision should have a data-driven reason behind it. Understanding the audience is the foundation of a product's success.

Furniture Design

Trend Forecasting, Ideation, and Lead Designer

As Director of Product Design I was able to curate and pitch new furniture launches for Malouf, Downeast Home, Becki Owens Living, and Becki Owens for Sams Club. I love the whole process of understanding the brand goals, researching the trends, and then designing a collection that has a distinct voice. I learned so much working with product development and forming relationships with new vendors to bring a product to life.


"Everything Holly touches turns to gold. She truly has an incredible talent. But more than skill, Holly has vision and a work ethic that continually amazes me. From presentation to execution, Holly is always prepared and focused on every detail. She is an excellent communicator and leader. She supports each member of the team. And no matter how large the project, her work is always met with “Wow!”"


Erica Miller, Senior Copywriter and Messaging Strategist

BO x DE collections.pptm (18).png
BO x DE collections.pptm (12).png
BO x DE collections.pptm (20).png
BO x DE collections.pptm (15).png
BO x DE collections.pptm (19).png

Racking Design

Ideation and Design

One of my Visual Merchandising responsibilities was re-creating a more accessible, retail friendly version of the custom displays in the Malouf showrooms. I designed a flexible racking system to house the entire product line-up for a mass-produced solution used by retail partners globally.

Vegas Short Retail Rack Full.jpg
Vegas Tall Retail Rack.jpg
Vegas Short Retail.jpg
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